Who is Urban Roots?

More than just Lawn Care, Landscaping, Custodial Maintenance and Snow Removal

Founders Jimmie and Tiffany Williams created Urban Roots, Inc., formerly known as Just Us Lawn Care, Inc., through their 20 years of Lawn Care, Landscaping, Custodial Maintenance and Snow Removal services expertise.  They grew from being an in-home business with two clients to having an offsite office where they service over 80 buildings and many individual accounts.  They truly know the importance of professionalism, perseverance, quality service, effective communication and structure.  Jimmie and Tiffany have a genuine and heart felt love for people.  They continue to give back to their community in many ways.

Giving back

Jimmie and Tiffany have provided hope to struggling families in showing them that it is possible to create jobs for themselves. They volunteer at Dunn Technology Academy, and on Earth Day created a beautification project where they showed students how to plant and design the landscape of their school.  They truly believe in showing mercy and compassion to all people who are striving to improve their life in a positive manner.

They consistently work to be an eco-friendly and fuel efficient business and to lower their carbon footprint and hopefully inspire other business to do the same. They also are working on a re-entry training program for former offenders. They would like to provide field training as well as teach and cultivate managerial skills and provide entrepreneurship courses.